Research & Academic Appointments

Academic Appointments


Public Policy Graduate Research Intern, Virginia Tech. Commonwealth Cyber Initiative. 07/2022 – Present

Graduate Research Assistant, Georgetown University. Communications Security Lab. 09/2021 – 07/2022



Heeren-Moon, E. (2023). Risk, Reputation and Responsibility: Cybersecurity and Centralized Data in Civilian Federal Agencies. The International Journal of Digital Economy, Data Sciences and New Media, Telecommunications Policy. (Submitted, Under Review).

 Hassan, Z., Heeren-Moon, E., Sabzehali, J., Shah, V., Dietrich, C., Reed, J. Burger, E.W. (2023). Spectrum Sharing of the 12 GHz Band with Two-way Terrestrial 5G Mobile Services: Motivations, Challenges, and Opportunities. IEEE Communications Magazine. (Submitted, Under Review).

 Heeren-Moon, E., Burger, E., Dillon-Merrill, R. (2023). Calculating Return on Investment in a Department of Defense Context [Paper presentation]. 20th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium, Naval Postgraduate School. Monterey, CA. (Submitted, Under Review).

Research Focus Areas